Thursday, September 06, 2007

Call for Submissions: FRONT Magazine

FRONT Magazine is seeking new submissions for our fall and winter issues.We are looking for artist projects, short text pieces, images and any other interdisciplinay projects that will fit on the printed page. The upcoming themes are Resolutions, due by Oct 1 and Averages due by Nov 10th. You can mail or email your submissions, please send theme related projects as low res jpegs and please keep text pieces to no more than 1000 words max. Visit our website for more submission details.
The next themes for FRONT Magazine are:

Resolutions. Make one now to submit by October 1.


A strangely fuzzy term: Is it a smoothing, or a sharpening? Or the
promisory note to self? Viewed from any angle, it points into the
future, wherever that might be these days: be it resolved then that
it is temporal. Cost is a factor, as always. And while it is insisted
that higher is greater, some things are unsavory when viewed from any
distance. Unsharp that!


Averages. If it's better than ... you better send it in by November 10.

A series of related or unrelated points, sifted into one thing that may or may not describe them as a whole. We're looking for a new set theory or an unset theory. Sometimes you play them it's hard to beat them. Do your worst or your best, just don't be them.


Contemporary Art and Ideas

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