Friday, December 21, 2007


Deadline: February 1st, 2008 5pm (PST)
Click HERE for the application form.

Music BC Industry Association is administering this component of the "Music Against Racism" Project on behalf of the Settlement and Multiculturalism Division, Ministry of Attorney General, and Minister Responsible for Multiculturalism. The Music Against Racism Project is a component of the "Make a Case Against Racism" activity kit which addresses Grades 4 - 7 curriculum objectives in British Columbia. This project is to promote multiculturalism, cultural diversity, and awareness of racism in BC.

Music BC is requesting song submissions from music artists from BC. Your song, should it meet the specific criteria, will be uploaded to a web page on which will be accessed by Grade 4-7 students across BC. The students will select their top 15 tracks via online voting. The 15 songs selected will be included on a compilation CD. 2000 CDs will be manufactured for promotional purposes, which will feature artwork created by the students.The manufacturing of the first 1000 CDs has been generously sponsored by CDman.The students will be notified that the songs on the website are for personal use only and that file sharing of the music and/or lyrics is strictly prohibited. The artists selected by the students will each receive $250 for a Master Use License Fee (sound recording), and $250 for a Mechanical LIcense fee (composition). For example, if the artist has full ownership of the song (Master Use & Mechanical) then they will receive the full $500 if they are one of the top 15 artists selected by the students.

For submission criteria & more info on the program, please visit the link below

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