Monday, February 04, 2008

The Everywhere Girl

I recently stumbled upon an interesting blog entry about the "Everywhere Girl", which I think illustrates just how small the world is becoming with the internet.
This technology could be put to use by casting directors faced with the dreaded imperative: "Find someone who looks like this..."
For the actor or model, tracking their media reach just got that much simpler (anyone remember clipping services?)
Unfortunately, there are still some flaws to work out. I tried the BYO Search Lab offered on the website and got far less-than-perfect results. Check out some of the matches to my photo at the end of the blog.

Everywhere Girl, The Book

Everywhere GirlIf you’ve ever worried about photos from your past coming back to haunt you, get to know the story of the Everywhere Girl. Over a decade ago she was a young actress posing for a series of stock photos. While she’s no Mona Lisa, in recent years her photos have made their way into royalty-free collections and crept into print and web designs the world over. First chronicled in Paul Hales’ technology blog The Inquirier and later by Idée’s own CEO Leila, the Everywhere Girl now even has her own blog. While fans have been compiling her images with the human eye for years, no method is better suited to this kind of task than image-recognition technology.

We indexed a series of Everywhere Girl photos using PixID our image recognition technology and have been monitoring the appearance of the Everywhere Girl. Here are the interesting results from our book cover monitoring project:

The Let’s Study Series of Christian books

Read the full article here:

My Picture Match
I used this picture in the BYO Search Lab offered on's website.

Here are some of the more interesting results:

To be fair, this application, the BYO Image Search Lab, uses a database which supposedly holds over 2.8 million images. Obviously, none of them are of me!

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