Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Art Attack: The State of the Arts officially inescapable

In late November, Coach House published The State of the Arts: Living With Culture in Toronto, a book that asks, 'What would make Toronto a better place for the arts?' Following a successful launch at the Gladstone Hotel, with some dazzling musical performances and intriguing panel discussions, The State of the Arts began appearing in news items, store windows and wish lists across the GTA.

Following a phenomenal review of the book in The Quill & Quire, The State of the Arts appeared in the Toronto Star's annual gift guide: 'Those cool people who hang out at the Drake and the Gladstone, but only on weekday nights when the suburban club kids aren't around, mount a collective vision of what it will take to ensure a thriving arts scene in the second book in Coach House's uTOpia series.' Additionally, NOW just excerpted 'Project Laneway' from the acclaimed anthology.

Keep your eyes peeled for more State of the Arts in the new year. And if you missed the panels at the Toronto launch, you can download mp3s of the two discussions from the Coach House site.

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