Monday, June 18, 2007

Children's Poetry Workshop

World Poetry proudly presents

Children’s Poetry Workshop

For ages 8-13
multilingual participants welcome.

Within every child there is a creative poetic adventurer waiting to explore ...

This workshop features readings from children’s poetry and others, introduction of several poetic forms and interactive, fun exercises with the objective of helping each participant to create poems and present them.

Workshop Program

The workshop consists of three sessions.

Session 1

Introduction to poetry with readers from various countries.

§ An overview of simple poetic forms.

§ The brain and creativity.

§ Inspiration for writing using such tools as the treasure box, coloured pens and large pieces of paper.

§ Finding expression and creating poems.

§ Sharing the poems with the group.

Session 2

Additional poetry readings and review.

§ How to deal with critics, both external and internal.

§ Creating additional poems, sharing them with the poetic group.

§ Simple editing of poems.

§ Selection of performance poems to be read at the World Poetry Children’s Show § Performance skills for reading.

Session 3: The World Poetry Children’s Show .

§ This show will showcase the participants from the World Poetry Children’s Workshop along with a featured musician.

§ A World Poetry Certificate of Completion will be given to each participating poet.

§ Friends, parents and other family members as well as the general public will be invited.

In addition:

§ Selected poems from the workshop will be read on the World Poetry CafĂ© Radio Show on 102.7 FM and published in the World Poetry Electronic Newsletter.

§ Selected poets are invited to read at the World Poets’ Night Out Venue and at the World Poetry Reading Series at the Vancouver Public Library (Central Branch) as time permits.

The Workshop will be held over three sessions.
The first two sessions will be 2 hours long (10 minute break in between) New Westminster Arts Council, Queen’s Park, New Westminster.

Dates: August 2, 9, from 1-3 pm.

Performance: The Orange Room, 620 6th Street, 3-5 pm.

Fee: $ 35.00 per participant for three sessions.

For more
information call 604) 526 - 4729

Workshop Presenter

Ariadne Sawyer, M.A. (C. P) is a Peak Performance Plus Trainer and the CEO of Peak Performance Plus Training.

She is a former teacher and has had two private schools. Ariadne specializes in creativity and enhancing performance. She has worked with writers and performers of all ages from Canada, the US and Europe.

In her work with children and youth, she has helped them to create and present in various venues at different festivals.

Ariadne is the co-founder and co-host of The World Poetry Reading Series, Radio Show, The World Poetry Electronic Newsletter (with over 2,000 readers in 20 countries and includes a children’s section) and World Poets’ Night Out , a new venue which trains women co-hosts. World Poetry in Vancouver consists of over 300 poets, writers and musicians originally from 60 countries, including a strong Canadian and First Nations component.

Ariadne is the host and producer of Creativity Rocks! heard every Tuesday at 9:00 PM on CFRO. 102.7 FM

She is the winning recipient of the MacLean Hunter Award for Programs of Excellence for her tape: Discover Your Creative Worlds which has been played on radio stations across Canada and has had poems and writings published in anthologies and magazines.

Her new book is called: Creativity Rocks! Answers to your Creative Questions.

Artist of the Year Award 2007 by Project Cultural South.

For more information about Ariadne you can contact her at

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