Friday, June 08, 2007

Volunteer specialists asking "Who Cares?"

Linda Graff and Paul Reed, two leading experts on volunteerism in Canada, have put out a compelling new call over the internet. They want all Canadians to become more aware of the threat to our communities that is posed by the declining number of volunteers across the country.

In Canada, 67% of all volunteer work is done by just 5% of people, and those numbers are continuing to become even more lopsided. The Reed-Graff Conversations explore the data and ask the important question: "Who Cares?"

The website includes a terrific series of audio conversations and supporting text documents that highlight the issue and offer suggestions for how communities can begin to tackle it together.

Take part in the conversation yourself, and share it with leaders in your community. The website is at:

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Anonymous said...

Alarming that this issue hasn't been picked up by our media, or by municipal leaders and others on the front lines of community life. If Graff and Reed's important message doesn't start to make waves then what's the future of volunteering and all it means for us?