Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Deadline For WMA Fast Approaching

Hello members of Western Canada's magazine publishing community:
The deadline to submit to the 25th Annual Western Magazine Awards is fast approaching and we know a gentle reminder is appreciated.
You can download the entry form via this link: www.westernmagazineawards.com/pdf/25th_Anniversary_WMA_Entry_Form.pdf
Make sure to read the guidelines carefully, as we now require all VISUAL entries be submitted on disc, in either JPG or PDF format. Please note: if obscuring the creator/publication details will affect the integrity of a visual entry, you do not need to cover that information. Call or email for clarification.
Written entries may be submitted in hard copy where necessary, however we prefer those to be in digital format as well. Don't forget to remove author/creator names, as well as that of the contributing publication, from all WRITTEN entries. We won't be able to remove that information in-house once the article has been digitally locked.
The deadline for entries is February 16th, 2007. Please visit our newly revamped website for full details: www.westernmagazineawards.com.
Call 604.669.3717 or email should you have any questions about the entry guidelines or process.
Our full mailing address is:
Western Magazine Awards Foundation
1506 East 11th Avenue, Garden Unit
Vancouver, BC V5N 1Y7

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