Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Job Posting

Job Description
Community Dance Project

Marketing Manager/Sales Angel
The Community Dance Project is a small operation based in Vancouver. Services include folk dance instruction in schools, teacher workshops, and special events such as weddings and festivals. We have produced three books and are working on a fourth, which are marketed to schools across North America. There is great potential for expansion and development, but we need to get the books out the door. Reporting to the Artistic Director, the successful applicant will have excellent computer skills, people skills, marketing experience, and considerable knowledge of the Canadian education system. Experience/knowledge of publishing, writing, and distribution of educational resources would be a distinct asset.

Manage and implement marketing campaign for educational resources. Develop database that combines the archaic systems that we now use. Manage and update website (may include video/photo work). Research funding potential. Assist the AD in any other needed tasks (sometimes complex, sometimes menial).

Excellent computer skills, including some or all of: internet, database, website design, graphic design, accounting. Marketing experience, including experience selling via internet. Knowledge of book publishing/marketing, especially educational resources. Knowledge of the Canadian education system. Great people skills, on telephone and in person. Excellent English, including writing, editing, and proof-reading. Detail and task oriented. Flexible, willing to travel occasionally. Must be able to tolerate occasional bouts of silliness.

Salary: $20/hour on a contract basis. Negotiable.
This will be a task-based, casual contract, and may be ongoing for the right person.

Marian Rose, Artistic Director
(604) 254-5678

Tasks for this impossibly skilled/connected person:

Send out broadcast fax to all schools in Canada.
Create flyer.
Research fax numbers for Canadian schools.
Get my computer ready to accept orders.
Send out the fax.
Design some way of keeping track of success.
Keep it up to date.
Add photos.
Add videos.
Make sure links are current, and add new ones.
Just generally increase its visibility and connectedness. Database Revamp database system, combining FileMaker, Outlook, and Simply Accounting. Assist with video project Research. Create database of educational organizations, with contact information, newsletter info, conference dates and application procedures. Develop priorities. Contact them. Find out who recommends resources to teachers in each province, and what is the procedure required to get on the recommended list. Find new distributors. Get people to write reviews of my books and get them published.

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