Tuesday, February 27, 2007

GoodStorm Improves on Good, with Their T-Shirt Wizard’s New Features

Application enables sellers to set price, choose theme, upload designs, and brand checkout process. Wizard can be installed on any website and allows users to upload their own designs, create custom text, and add their uploaded images to a community gallery.

Hand in hand with GoodStorm, customized on-demand apparel takes a step in a good direction as GoodStorm adds new features to their popular T-Shirt Wizard. The “design and buy on the fly” custom T-shirt creator already boasts many features that makes creating your own apparel easier. The Flash-based application allows anyone with a blog or website to sell custom t-shirts on their site, set their prices, and keep 100% of the profit for every shirt sold. Though an early release of the T-shirt creator has proved popular among bloggers and t-shirt sellers, GoodStorm improves on good by adding more features in response to seller feedback.

The newest feature added is the community design opt-in, which allows visitors using the creator to share their uploaded designs with the seller. This new feature creates a unique, creative exchange between the seller and shopper. It also empowers both participants, as the visitor can share his or her unique t-shirt designs with the seller’s larger community, and the seller can earn more money by selling those new designs to his or her audience.

GoodStorm’s T-Shirt Wizard is perfect for bands and fundraisers. Bands and student organizations can customize and install the T-Shirt Wizard for free on blogs and websites. This new launch will revolutionize the way bands and organizations make money, as such features will throw a very creative spin on art class and band merchandise. Turn your class’s art project into a money-making fundraiser for your next trip to the art museum. Bands can use this feature to ask for design submissions and engage their fans while earning money needed for their next tour.

In keeping with GoodStorm’s slogan “Capitalism Done Right,” there is still no up-front cost for installing or selling with the T-shirt Wizard, and users keep 100% of the profit. Turning traditional commerce rules on their head, GoodStorm proves once again that you really don’t need to spend money to make money.

The same features that made GoodStorm’s original T-Shirt Wizard so revolutionary remain as before: T-shirt sellers still have the options of setting their prices, uploading their own designs, and installing their wizard anywhere on the web If the seller doesn’t have a blog or web page, GoodStorm will host the wizard on a GoodStorm.com URL for them. With this option, the user can create a custom URL within GoodStorm.com and upload a banner to be displayed. . T-shirt sellers also have the ability to choose from over a dozen themes and color styles to match the T-shirt Wizard to their brand or website.

About GoodStorm
At GoodStorm.com (http://goodstorm.com), individuals can launch online stores and sell custom t-shirts featuring their own designs. GoodStorm handles all inventory management, billing, shipping, and customer support, so sellers can focus on creating innovative designs, earning substantial profits, and building a community with people who share their values. GoodStorm offers the lowest based prices for custom, on-demand T-shirts on the web, while sellers keep 100% of the profit from each sale.
GoodStorm's services are free and apparel is printed and shipped on-demand. There are no upfront or maintenance costs for opening and running a store on GoodStorm.com.

Please contact Marco Ceglie for more information.

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