Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blogging Tips

It's nice to know that my artist friends are beginning to take my advice and are starting to blog for themselves.
As you begin to let people know about your blog, undoubtedly you will start to receive emails commenting and complimenting you on your efforts. Encourage them to leave comments on the actual blog. This helps because it makes your blog seem more active to search engines and RSS readers which are on the look out for changes in website content. People are also more likely to return to a site if the content remains fresh and up to date.
Most blogging services like Blogger have an option in the blog settings that activate back-links. You will want to turn this option on because this makes it easy for people who like what you've written to reference it on your blog. It also sends them to that specific article, without bunching it in with all the other posts to come before and after it.
Also, if you want comments, end your posts with questions. People are more likely to respond if they are asked to. Don't they?

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