Saturday, March 10, 2007

Corporate art idea

Making a Passion into a Business Venture

Natural Mandala
Originally uploaded by cindymreese.

Epicorp tenant Darryl Butler is about to add Mandala Maker to his diverse repertoire of creative talents.

Darryl, who has assisted numerous Epicorp businesses develop their corporate identities and websites, decided last year to embark on turning his passion for mandalas into a serious business sideline. The inspiration came while working on the website of fellow Epicorp tenant, arts marketing expert Wendy Shanley, of KIKU ARTs.

Darryl, the mastermind behind Itchybrain Productions, discovered from his discussions with Wendy that there is a demand for artists producing corporate art. That gave him an incentive to push forward with his "hobby" knowing that someone else would take care of promoting, exhibiting and selling his unique artworks.

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