Monday, March 26, 2007

Musings of Fire: The Tao of B.I.T.S. (Butts In The Seats)

Musings of Fire: The Tao of B.I.T.S. (Butts In The Seats)

This is a great article which I think really puts Performing Arts Marketing in perspective.

(or... the Internet - it's not just for porn anymore)
by Marcel Nunis (Theatre J'Nerique)

As a playwright, director and producer in the theatre I was plagued for years with these nightmare questions:
  • How do I push the show without "selling out"?
  • Will I compromise my "art" by marketing my show aggressively?
  • How do I compete with big media for an audience on a budget?
Let us first admit to our own sins. Yes, there does exist a snotty "holier than thou" attitude in the world of the arts. We roll our eyes over a marketing budget and campaigns. We protest with excuses like... "That's going to cost too much!" or "This show is brilliant enough to sell itself!" Then we capitulate "within reason" insisting on "traditional arts marketing" (posters, flyers and press releases) and exercise care not to "go overboard and compromise our art" through "aggressive and crass" commercialization. Our show opens and performances are barely selling a third of the house with audience members made up mostly of family, friends and "supporters". Our show eventually closes and we are relieved that it broke even.
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