Monday, March 26, 2007

Local Arts Notes

A recap of Arts news from various sources taken from the Alliance For Arts & Culture's great newsletter, Synergy.

Arts purse strings loosened ahead of federal budget
March 16, 2007

Heritage Minister Bev Oda has made a flurry of arts funding announcements in the past week, ahead of Monday's federal budget. On Friday, she had $389,000 for Toronto's Harbourfront Centre and $316,167 for Vancouver record company Mint Records. Read more...

Arts Notes: UBC scene shop runs out of money
Georgia Straight
March 15, 2007
By Jessica Werb

The head of UBC's department of theatre, film, and creative writing has voiced concern over the possible closure of the Great Northern Way scene shop, which is set to run out of funding by June. Read more...

Arts Notes: North Vancouver streamlines cultural affairs office
Georgia Straight
March 15, 2007
By Jessica Werb

Members of North Vancouver's arts community have expressed cautious approval of the March 5 decision to create a bimunicipal office of cultural affairs that will serve both the District of North Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver. Read more...

All ready on the reno front - except the money
Vancouver Courier

March 9, 2007
By Cheryl Rossi

The city of Vancouver says extensive renovations to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre are scheduled to begin in April. But it doesn't yet have the money to pay for them. Read more...

City of Vancouver is right to opt for a balanced budget
The Vancouver Province
Thursday, March 01, 2007

Deciding on the kind of society we wish to live in involves a delicate balancing act. If we direct the bulk of our resources toward our police, for instance, we might expect to benefit from less crime. But if as a result we have to cut funds for libraries, the arts and cultural festivals, we cannot argue that we have improved our overall quality of life. Read more...

Develop creative neighbourhoods using 'inner artist'
Daily Commercial News and Construction Record
February 21, 2007
By Peter Kenter

Developers need to embrace their inner artist to help build communities where creativity can flourish. That was the message to delegates at the recent Canadian Urban Institute conference, The Path to Culture-led Regeneration: Who's Leading the Way? While new condominium and commercial developments often trade on the creativity of the neighbourhoods in which they're built, they can also destroy the creative character of those communities. Read more...

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