Tuesday, March 06, 2007

To current and Former Ottawa residents, Workers and Students:

March 15, 2007 is the deadline to submit poetry for the April issue
of Bywords.ca.

**Please consult the guidelines on www.bywords.ca** then send poems
to submissions@bywords.ca.

Poems published on bywords.ca between September, 2006 and August,
2007 will be considered for the 2007 John Newlove Poetry Award. This
year's judge is George Elliott Clarke.

Thanks to everyone who's submitted poems!

For poetry, literary events, news, links and hard-to-find poetry
collections and chapbooks by Ottawa writers, please go to the on line
store at www.bywords.ca .

Amanda Earl
Managing Editor
PO Box 937
Station B
K1P 5P9

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